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Meet the Kanega Watch by UnaliWear

Traditional medical alert devices are worn grudgingly, if at all. People want to feel protected, particularly from unexpected falls, but clunky and stigmatizing pendants are a huge turn off. 

The Kanega Watch is different.
The Kanega Watch vs. other mobile medical alert alternatives

A Watch Like No Other

Kanega Watch

Other Medical Alert Watches

Apple Watch

Can be worn 24/7—from bed to shower to shopping-no need to remove to charge

Fall detection built into watch


Features RealFallTM technology

WiFi AND cellular connectivity—for best call coverage/GPS

3 ways to get help; button, voice OR fall detection

Connects to US-based monitoring center with all wearer's info

Medication reminders


Works out of the box—no set up required

Not Always

The Kanega Watch Offers Unmatched 24/7 Peace of Mind

  • The only medical alert watch you can wear round-the-clock.
    • Patented “quick-swap” rechargeable battery system ensures you never have to remove your Kanega Watch to charge.
  • Connects to a live agent 3-ways: Fall Detection, Button Push, and Voice Activation—providing the most ways for you to get help when you need it.
  • RealFall™ Fall Detection (included at no extra cost) – identifies and activates on actual falls while greatly limiting false alarms.
  • Simple at every stage:
    • Works out of the box—all set up is done prior to shipping.
    • Works independently – no need to pair with a cell phone, base station, pendant or any other device.
    • Goes where you go, inside (including the shower) and outside the home with GPS.
    • Automatically switches from WiFi (home) to cellular (outside), for reliable connectivity everywhere.
      • Your Kanega Watch comes included with nationwide Verizon cellular coverage at no additional cost.
    • Everything is included in our plans—all equipment, services, taxes and shipping
  • Top rated by major review sites (NYTimes/Wirecutter, National Council on Aging, Caring.com, etc.): “Best Medical Alert Watch/Device” and “Best Fall Detection”

Unaliwear's RealFall™ Fall Detection

“My father wandered into the garage at 2:30 am. one night. The lights went out and he fell. Thank goodness he was wearing his Kanega Watch, We immediately recieved a call that he had fallen.”

Linda J.
(Better Business Bureau Independent 5-Star Review)

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Help When You Need It!

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Rated Best for Fall Safety

How It Works?

The Only Medical Alert with 3 Ways to Get Help: 

  1. Talk into your device.
  2. Touch your device.
  3. Automatic Fall Detection.

A live, US-Based Agent answers your alert in seconds. 

Quickly assess the situation.

Agent contacts the right people (EMS, Neighbor, Relative, etc. as needed) and help is on the way.

Simple All-Inclusive Plan Options

Plans start at approximately $2/day.

Choose to pay month-to-month or annually (at a discounted rate).

Free shipping, 30-Day Trial, No Contracts/Cancel Anytime

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How We're Different

Kanega Watch has patented fall protection that ensures you're safe. Unlike other devices, Kanega Watch has fewer false alarms. Professionals can contact emergency services and/or your family.

Talk to a real, trained person in an Emergency who can get help or contact your family.


Water resistant so you can go where you need like in the shower.


Never have to take it off to charge.


Fall detection designed for active adults, with fewer false alerts. Learns your movements so gets even smarter over time.

Trusted for Ultimate Safety

Where Technology Meets Care

Best medical device

I fell 2 months ago and broke my left femur. I was so lucky to have been wearing my Kanega Watch. It saved me. It detected my fall and an ambulance was sent to my residence. I am grateful for my Kanega Watch

Connie S

AMAZING customer service

The watch works amazingly well, and the response is almost instant. The best is the AMAZING customer service. It is prompt, polite, professional, and attentive. I wouldn’t have any other system, and I can wear it 24 hours a day.

Margaret F

Dedicated to the well-being of their customers

UnaliWear customer service is beyond excellent. The customer service I receive with my Kanega watch is the result of a company culture that is dedicated to the well-being of their customers.

Dave L

I've loved it since I put it on

My daughter-in-law found the Kanega watch for me. I’ve loved it since I put it on. I have Cerebral Palsy, and I live alone. Falls have become more frequent in recent years. Now that I have the watch, my kids are far less worried. I love keeping it on night and day, even in the shower.

Barb L

A real human checks in

It works about anywhere with both wifi and cellular — and Verizon service is included. A real human checks in as if by phone after a fall, a button press, or a voice command and false alarms are easy to dismiss. The company will also increase/decrease the sensitivity of any band on request.

Erick H

A great alternative to an Apple Watch

A great alternative to an Apple Watch designed specifically for seniors. I have been very pleased with my watch so far. It is a reasonably priced way to ensure that someone left alone for many hours in the day is still connected to the outside world to maintain his safety.

Jerry M

Operated just like my cell phone

I unfortunately live in a dead cell zone on the coast and both my landline and cell signals are degraded for various reasons. The Kanega watch was the only product I found that operated just like my cell phone – using my WiFi signal and home and cell service when I am out and about.

Elizabeth P

How can any one in 2023 not get this?

Did a lot of research including the Apple Watch which, while appealing, had a number of drawbacks including the fact it connects directly to 911 not a service. Finally found the Kanega which had distinct advantages.
1) Does not come off, just snap in the recharged batteries and snap the others in the charger.
2) Connects to a service not 911…
3) Waterproof. How can any one in 2023 not get this?

Michael S

Nice looking, easy to use, reliable for fall detection

After an exhaustive search for exactly the right thing for us, and something he would wear, we were happy to find the Kanega watch by UnaliWear… Nice looking, easy to use, reliable for fall detection, and comfortable to wear! And the customer service is amazing.

Ann O

Greater confidence in the product

My mother has had one fall since having the watch. The watch detected the fall. Fortunately she was not seriously hurt and we didn’t have to get help but it brought her, and us greater confidence in the product.

Kevin W

I really love my Kanega Watch

I really love my Kanega Watch. I never have to take it off, which is really comforting, and I don’t have to look like an old person with an alert device around my neck.

Richard S

Life saviour

My 93 year old father wandered into the garage at 2:30 am. one night. The lights went out and he fell. Thank goodness he was wearing his Kanega Watch. We immediately received a call that he had fallen.

Linda J

Ten stars

I had tried another Medical Alert device, but it only worked within my property line and was expensive for what it did (or didn’t) do. I sent it back and spent the next several years looking into other devices.

Carole H

Best medical device

I looked for a long time for a medical device that was not a necklace. This Kanega Watch works great and the best part is the staff. **************** is awesome, best I have seen anyway. They truly care about your situation and your experience.

Cynthia D

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Changing batteries on your Kanega watch band

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Order with confidence with our 30-day money-back guarantees — no contract required.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee
If equipment is returned undamaged and fully functioning within the 30-day trial period (from date of shipment to date of return), UnaliWear will provide a free return-shipping label and refund your entire purchase, minus a $75 restocking fee.

Pre-Shipment Form & Configuration

Once your purchase and payment are complete, we will ask you to provide important information about the person who will be wearing this Kanega watch and protected by our monitoring and emergency response services, including:
  • Wearer name and contact information
  • Wearer band/wrist size
  • Service address and access instructions
  • WiFi settings
  • Emergency contacts
  • Medication reminder times (optional)
Our Care & Safety Experts will use this information to pre-program and personalize your watch so that it arrives ready-to-use straight out of the box – for no additional fee.

Your Kanega watch and equipment arrives fully—configured and ready-to-use straight out of the box — no programming required.

Our dedicated Care & Safety Experts ensure your Kanega watch arrives pre-programmed and personalized with you or your loved ones:
  • Emergency contacts
  • Notification settings
  • WiFi settings
  • Optional medication reminders
  • And more
After your purchase, we will ask you to provide important information about the wearer through a simple pre-shipment online form. Then our Care & Safety Experts will take care of the rest. They will also call once your Kanega watch is delivered to answer any questions you have about your watch, accessories, subscription or services — and will remain available to ensure your watch is working properly as long as you stay subscribed.

UnaliWear’s patented RealFall™ technology is based on actual fall data from Kanega Watch wearers and gets smarter about each wearer’s personal movements over time— continuously improving fall detection accuracy and limiting/eliminating false alerts. No other medical alert system offers this real fall/related movement learning and continuous improvement technology. Click here to learn more.