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For non-emergency questions, contact 1-888-343-1513, ext. 1, or community@unaliwear.com.

If you have a medical emergency, call the medical alarm operator through your Kanega watch. The operator is available for you 24 hours a day.

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  • Ability to hear and understand the watch audio similar to a phone call with a male voice over speakerphone
  • Cognitively capable of remembering how to interact with the watch to call for help (simple voice commands or crown button presses) and to change the batteries daily
  • Minimal finger strength – to successfully change the batteries

Using your Kanega watch battery charger

Learn how to use the battery charger by watching this short video.

Changing batteries on your Kanega watch band

Learn how to change the batteries on your Kanega watch by watching this short video.

Getting started with the Kanega watch the first time

Learn how to start up your Kanega watch by watching this short onboarding video.

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User Guide



First I want to thank each and every one of you for your outstanding customer support and quick replies to emails. You are great. You truly get customer service.


Happy customer

I recently ordered a Kanega watch for my dad. He loves that his “watch” is so cool and that it doesn’t make him feel like he is an invalid. He is showing it off to everyone he sees! (Thank you!!)


Happy customer

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section will assist you with any questions you may have as you get to know your Kanega watch. For full information, please refer to the User Guide.

Q: How often do I need to charge my batteries?

A: We recommend battery changes daily. We will remind you to change your batteries each evening if you have not changed your batteries recently. They may last a little longer or a little less depending on usage. Please keep two batteries in the charger at all times to make battery changes quick and easy.

Q: If I travel will my watch change time zones automatically?

A: Yes. Your Kanega watch will automatically update to the correct time zone anywhere in the continental United States.

Q: Can I wear my Kanega watch out of the country?

A: No. Your Kanega watch will not operate properly outside of the US due to different cellular standards.

Q: If there are changes to my home Wi-Fi network, do I need to make any changes to the Kanega watch?

A: Yes. If you change Internet providers or make Wi-Fi network changes such as a new router or network passwords changes, immediately contact Customer Support so your Kanega watch will be able to communicate through your Wi-Fi.

Q: What should I do if my watch fits too loosely or is too tight?

A: You can take your watch to any reputable jeweler and they should be able to adjust the band for you.

Q: Where can I get new batteries?

A: Contact Customer Support if you have lost a battery or need a battery replacement.

Q: What should I do with the old batteries?

A: Do not throw them in the trash. The Kanega watch batteries are Lithium Ion batteries and require special handling when disposing. Before disposing of a bad battery, check with local, state and federal regulations to ensure proper compliance and safety.

Q: Is the Kanega watch waterproof?

A: The Kanega watch is dust and water resistant and conforms to the IP67 standard.  You can wear your watch while washing your hands or in the shower, but immersive activities such as swimming are not recommended while wearing your Kanega watch.

Q: Can I wear my Kanega watch in the shower?

A: Yes. You can wear your Kanega watch in the shower.

Q: Can I wear my Kanega watch swimming?

A: No. It is not recommended that you wear your Kanega watch while swimming.