If you need to cancel your medical alert system monitoring or other monthly service please call our Customer Support team at (888) 343-1513.

  • Canceling monthly services:
    • The equipment will need to be returned to UnaliWear in good condition (i.e. normal wear) before we can cancel any monitoring service and discontinue billing. This is to ensure our customers are protected for as long as they have the equipment available for use.
    • Service will be canceled effective the day the system is received by UnaliWear. Upon receipt of the equipment a prorated refund will be issued for the unused service period that may have been prepaid. For returns within the 30-day trial period, a $75 restocking fee applies; and this fee includes UnaliWear providing the customer with a free return shipping label via email. The processing of any refund may take up to 30 days upon receipt of your system.

    When returning items back to UnaliWear (if UnaliWear’s provided shipping label is not used), we strongly recommend requesting a tracking number from the shipping carrier to confirm the arrival of the package.  We also recommend the use of the original packing boxes to guard against damage in shipping. 


Promotional discounts will be forfeited if any changes are made to the initial order, including billing cycle changes, within twelve (12) months of date of sale. UnaliWear will have the right to charge the customer or offset any of these additional costs against any monies due to the customer.


A lost or damaged equipment fee of up to $650 will be charged for the Kanega Watch system. The Kanega Watch system must be returned with the Kanega Watch with watchband, battery charger, USB cable, USB wall charger, and 4 removable battery pods, otherwise a lost equipment fee will apply.

For instructions on how to return products or cancel services not included above please call our Customer Support team at (888) 343-1513.

Dated: April 14, 2021

UnaliWear’s patented RealFall™ technology is based on actual fall data from Kanega Watch wearers and gets smarter about each wearer’s personal movements over time— continuously improving fall detection accuracy and limiting/eliminating false alerts. No other medical alert system offers this real fall/related movement learning and continuous improvement technology. Click here to learn more.