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Introducing the first all-in-one, voice-controlled device designed to keep you independent, active and safe.

Medication RemindersVoice Activated DirectionsFall DetectionEmergency AssistanceGuide Me Home Assistance

Goes Anywhere You Do

Waterproof and able to travel with you anywhere you go! The Kanega watch is a self-contained watch and is not dependent on a connection to a home-based system or a smartphone, so you can get assistance at home or on the go in one simple, stylish watch.

Voice Controlled for Ease of Use

No buttons to press – speak to it by its name, and it speaks to you. It’s that easy.

Discreet & Stylish

It looks like a traditional watch, not a medical device. Wear the Kanega watch with confidence wherever you go.


Kanega Watch - Bling


On-call Emergency Assistance – Anytime, Anywhere

Voice activated assistance will connect you directly to an operator who will confirm emergency assistance should be dispatched to your location. If you activate help and don’t respond immediately we will call your emergency contacts first or dispatch local medical assistance immediately, depending on the preferences you have set.



Automatic Emergency Assistance – Help Even When You Can’t Ask For It

The Kanega watch can be set up to call emergency contacts and/or dispatch emergency services if it detects that you may be in trouble. UnaliWear relies on a number of factors such as fall detection and long periods of immobility during the day combined with a lack of response from you if it asks if you need help.

Future Kanega watch features:

An End to Medication Frustration

The Kanega watch reminds you when you need to take medication, can remind you of the instructions for taking your medications, and helps you keep track of what medication you have already taken.  This is handled with an electronic connection to your pharmacy – no typing involved!



“Guide Me Home” & Other Location-Based Assistance

The Kanega watch understands where you are, where you’ve been, and some of your habits. This means it can help you find your way home if you become lost or get help for you if you appear to be immobile and unresponsive.




When Will UnaliWear's Kanega watch be Available?

UnaliWear’s Kanega watch is in early production with limited availability.

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