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Top Rated Medical Alert Watch by Caregiving.com

24/7 Emergency Response via US-based agents
No pendant or cellphone required
Auto fall detection included
Press or Speak help activation
No need to remove to charge
Goes where you go with pinpoint GPS
Nationwide Verizon network coverage
No set up required

30-day Risk Free Trial

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The Kanega Watch in an Emergency

Press or Speak Icon teal

Press or Speak

Immediately connects to a US-based response operator 24/7/365 who knows your name, address, location, emergency contacts and other key info in your account.


Auto Fall Detection

Alerts the operator even when you can’t press or speak, sending immediate emergency services.


Emergency Response

Your response operator is trained to quickly determine and engage the appropriate support needed – ambulance, fire, police or simply contacting a family member or neighbor. Your stand-by assistance is always there.

Our mission is to extend your independence, with dignity


Fall Detection

The Kanega Watch contains patented technology to automatically detect falls. If the watch thinks you have fallen, it discreetly alerts you with buzzes and displays an emergency message. If you do not respond, it beeps and connects you to an emergency response operator, directly over your Kanega Watch.


Voice Controlled

Our Voice Award-Winning* technology responds to your simple voice commands. No buttons to press -- it's that easy.

*Best IoT Device Award at the 2019 VOICE Summit

man on motercycle wearing a kanega watch

Emergency Response

Speak directly to the Emergency Response Operator right from your wrist! The Kanega Watch is the first smart watch that has a direct voice connection to the Emergency Response Operator, who can either activate emergency services or reach out to friends or loved ones for you. Get help even when you can't ask for it.1


Medication Reminders

The Kanega Watch can remind you when to take your medication with a tap on the wrist, displayed text or by voice -- it's up to you. Use your Kanega Watch Wearer Portal to add, edit or delete medications and reminder times.


GPS Location Assistance

Venture out with confidence because with the Kanega Watch you're never lost. Our smart watch understands where you are and where you've been. If you fall or become immobile when you're out & about, the Kanega Watch will ask if you need help and get help to you.  We hope to soon add the ability to get you home if you are a bit disoriented!


Never Take It Off To Charge

Unlike most smart watches, our Patented Battery system means you are protected 24/7. You never have to take your watch off to charge it, reducing the chances that you can't get help when needed. The Kanega Watch will automatically remind you when to change your batteries.

woman wearing a UnaliWear watch


The Kanega Watch is with you when it matters most: at night or in the shower when most falls occur. The Kanega Watch goes everywhere you go -- even when playing your favorite sports of hiking where other devices often can't go.2

Independent Customer Reviews

I am so pleased with my Kanega watch which is also an alert system, as well as with the people at Unali service and highly recommend both. I had used another alert system which required use of my cell phone nearby and I could only use pendant for fall detection and battery was hard to change. Kanega solved that and I feel free and secure.

Garnet P

I am really happy that I discovered UnaliWear and its Kanega Watch. I wanted to feel protected from falls and other medical emergencies and this does that; and it's a watch! I like wearing a watch and it looks nice. I also really like the fact that I don't have to take it off to charge - that I can just swap out the batteries while it is still on my wrist, so I can wear it all the time. It was easy to buy and the customer service has been superb. I'd recommend this company and its watch to anybody looking for a device like this to keep them safe.

Richard S

"I am extremely satisfied with Unaliwear and the Kanega watch. I've had it a few months now, and it does everything it is supposed to do perfectly. No more pendants for me. I change the batteries every morning and don't believe I've taken the watch off more than twice since I've had it. I strongly recommend that you try it."


The Kanega Watch is my 'go-with-me', ever present companion. I really didn't want to wear a pendant, so this is the perfect option. Nobody has to know I have a medical alert device on and I can still brag to people about the watch if I want to. And I love the fact that, in an emergency, the watch connects with a care specialist who knows my medical info and history - to share with the EMTs if that is necessary. Plus, UnaliWear has incredible customer service - from purchase to on-boarding to any questions or comments I have since I started wearing it. I would highly recommend this company and the Kanega Watch to anyone at risk of a fall or other emergencies.

Paul M

I have had my Kanega watch a short time, but am very pleased with a few features especially. Fortunately I have not had need for assistance, but at one point when I tripped in my home, the software assumed a fall had taken place (as indicated it would in the description of the benefits of the watch), notified me that help was being called, and cancelled the call immediately upon my negating the need for such assistance. I wanted a product that would allow me to move more freely and even travel with the security that I can summon assistance if needed. I am extremely pleased with the customer service provided by this company. My questions are answered promptly and courteously. I would highly recommend this device and this company.

Sharon S

I love my Kanega watch . I am an active person and it gives me a sense of security with the monitoring if I am alone and would need help. The watch is easy to use . I think it is great to wear all the time and gives me security day and night.


I had been looking for a medical alert system for months and months but found problems for me with all on the list. While searching my computer one day the Kanega watch website appeared and immediately I liked what I saw and read. I find the watch to be comfortable and actually am not aware that I am wearing it. The batteries are large enough to handle easily and the recharging station is uncomplicated and efficient. Best of all, my children are relieved that I can easily get help if I fall while I am alone. I highly recommend this product.  

Paula K

I am very happy with my Kanega watch and Unaliwear’s outstanding customer service. They have been so helpful in answering all of my questions. This alert system is so comprehensive and has all the qualities I was looking for — waterproof, GPS, fall detection, excellent monitoring system, battery-operated and best of all — it’s a watch that you never have to remove. I did not want to wear a pendant!! I have had two other medical alert systems over the past 3 1/2 years, and they don’t even compare to the Kanega watch. I highly recommend this wonderful product!   

Kay L

I have had the watch for 2 months and am satisfied with the ease of use and safety component. It is very easy to change the batteries each day and I never take it off. Wherever I travel in the car I can feel safe. I walk every day in the neighborhood and know that I can get help if needed. The GPS feature will bring help wherever I am, also the fall detection is an added feature. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who lives alone. 

John D

After realizing I needed a health alert system because I lived alone, I did extensive research online of all devices currently advertised in magazines. These devices did not give me the freedom of traveling, shopping or just visiting with friends without being obvious and some were cumbersome. Finally one of my searches brought up Kanega Watch and it was just want I wanted: a simple design and function - time, date and fall detection that is not tied to a base station's reception area or a person's cell phone. The watch does not give away the fact that an alert system is being worn. Love this device! 

Elisa O

From the first day, our experience with the Kanega watch and the entire UnaliWear team has been outstanding. Great device, well engineered, and the support team is very responsive. We couldn’t be happier.

Peggy B

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Kanega Watch

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1Coverage provided by the country's best 4G network.  Network or Wi-Fi accessibility required for most functionality. 

2The Kanega LTE watch has been tested to an IP67 Waterproof Rating to provide protection against running water. You can wear your watch while exercising, washing your hands, and in the shower, but immersive activities such as swimming are not recommended.