A Watch Like No Other

Built-in Auto Fall Detection

No pendant or cellphone needed

Never take it off to charge - 24/7 protection

No pendant or cellphone needed

Never take it off to charge - 24/7 protection

24/7 protection - even late at night

  • In bed
  • Late night bathroom trips
  • In the shower
  • Out Shopping
  • Press or Speak help activation

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    A Watch Like No Other

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    “Best for fall detection” – PC Magazine
    UnaliWear Kanega Watch in Champagne Gold

    Meet the
    Kanega Watch

    The first all-in-one, voice-controlled smart watch designed to keep you connected, independent, active, and safe. It goes everywhere you do, connects to a live emergency operator in seconds1, and you never have to take it off to charge!
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    "If fall detection is your number-one priority, the Kanega Watch’s round-the-clock monitoring and battery system make it our preferred choice."

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    The Kanega Watch Difference

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    Fall Detection

    The Kanega Watch contains patented fall detection technology. If the watch thinks you have fallen, it discreetly alerts you with buzzes and displays an emergency message. If you do not respond/disable the alert, it automatically connects you to an emergency response operator. Further, the watch’s fall detection continuously improves as it learns each wearer’s natural movements, and the sensitivity can be customized, as well.

    No other fall detection device on the market matches the Kanega Watch’s unique features and capabilities.

    Voice Controlled

    While you can get help simply pressing the watch’s crown/stem button, the Kanega Watch is also uniquely voice activated. Want to speak with a monitoring agent – simply ask your watch to connect you. It’s that easy.
    *Best IoT Device Award at the 2019 VOICE Summit
    Lady sitting, wearing a Kanega Watch
    Woman sits in restaurant wearing a Kenaga Watch

    Never Take It Off To Charge

    Unlike most smart watches, our patented battery system means you are protected 24/7. You never have to take your watch off to charge it, reducing the chances that you can’t get help when needed. The Kanega Watch will automatically remind you when to change your batteries.

    WiFi and Cellular Connectivity

    Your Kanega Watch provides clear connectivity to monitoring agents in your home – via your WiFi – and nationwide via Verizon’s cellular network (included in your watch plan). Our wearers love the home WiFi connectivity (unique in the industry) since many don’t have consistent cellular service throughout their home.

    Man on motorcycle wearing a Kanega watch
    Elderly man playing tennis wearing the Kenga Watch


    Wear the Kanega Watch in the shower and other splash-prone areas and during active sports where you sweat.2

    Medication Reminders

    The Kanega Watch can remind you when to take your medication with a tap on the wrist, displayed text or by voice — it’s up to you. Use your Kanega Watch Wearer Portal to add, edit or delete medications and reminder times.
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    Meet the Kanega Watch

    The first all-in-one, voice-controlled device designed to keep you connected, independent, active, and safe.
    30-Day Risk Free Trial

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