At UnaliWear, we believe that our legal name, our trade names, our brand, our trademarks and our servicemarks represent and convey our good name and the goodwill of our company. This section shows and explains the usage of these names and elements.

Legal name and legal names of subsidiaries

The legal name of the parent company in the United States is written:

  • Correct      
    • UnaliWear, Inc.
  • Incorrect      
    • UnaliWear
    • Unaliwear
    • UnaliWear Incorporated

UnaliWear signature and logo

In the sidebar are the downloadable forms of UnaliWear’s signature and logo.

Use of UnaliWear’s registered and unregistered marks in literature

1. In literature, use UnaliWear’s trademark as a proper adjective modifying a generic noun. This avoids using the mark in a generic sense. A proper adjective begins with a capital. Thus, most word or name marks will be used in literature with the first letter capitalized. The generic noun describes the goods or services with which the mark is used. Thus:

  • Correct:
    • Independent but vulnerable populations can wear a Kanega™ watch to help extend independence.
  • Incorrect:
    • Kanega helps extend independence.

2. Use the exact form of UnaliWear’s mark. Do not change the form of the mark. Some marks use a design in a word, or words, with a particular arrangement of lower case and upper case letters, or a particular type font. Always use only the particular design of lower and upper case letters or type font of the mark.

3. For all UnaliWear marks, registered and unregistered, a generic noun must always follow each use of the mark. This includes the use of a mark in the body of text, paragraph headings, charts, figures, tables, banners and headlines. Only when using a UnaliWear  mark in a column heading of a table and space is severely limited, may the generic noun be omitted. We use the generic noun after a mark to emphasize the trademark nature of the word, or symbol and reinforce our exclusive rights to our marks.

4. Every occurrence of a UnaliWear  mark in the title of a chart, figure, or table, in a column heading of a table, and in a banner or headline must be followed by the trademark symbol, ™, indicating that the mark is a trademark. This is for all UnaliWear  marks, registered and unregistered.

The first occurrence of a UnaliWear  mark in the body of any text must be followed by the trademark symbol, ™. A paragraph heading is considered part of the body of any text. In the body of any text only, after the first occurrence of a UnaliWear mark, the trademark symbol can be omitted. The generic noun must still be used after every occurrence of the mark in the body of text. The body of text can be a paragraph, a chapter in a book, an entire book, an article, or other collateral material.

These are the minimum rules for the use of the trademark symbol with UnaliWear  marks. The trademark symbol may be used more often.

5. The trademark symbol is a superscript ™ or the letters “tm” in parenthesis. The symbol follows the mark without a space. A space and the generic noun follow the symbol.

6. For UnaliWear’s marks, only use the trademark symbol, ™. Do not use the registered trademark symbol, a superscript “R” in a circle, ®. The ™ symbol should be used with all of UnaliWear ‘s marks, registered and unregistered.

7. In general, a sentence should make sense with or with out the mark.

8. The DO NOT rules:

  • Do not vary the form of any of UnaliWear’s marks.
  • Do not use any of UnaliWear’s marks as a verb.
  • Do not use any of UnaliWear’s marks as a possessive or plural.
  • Do not abbreviate or use a shorthand version of any of UnaliWear ‘s marks.
  • Do not add prefix or suffix words, numbers, or symbols as part of any of UnaliWear’s marks.
  • Do not use other devices for identifying UnaliWear’s trademarks, such as underlining, bold or italic type font, or quotation marks, that are not part of the mark.

Attribution of UnaliWear’s marks in literature

Law provides for others to use UnaliWear’s marks in referring to UnaliWear’s goods and services. We ask that you use our marks properly as trademarks or services marks and attribute the ownership of the marks to UnaliWear.

The attribution of any of UnaliWear’s trademarks is shown as a footnote indicating the word, name, symbol or device used in the literature piece is a trademark or service mark and attributing the ownership of that mark to UnaliWear.

For example, the footnote for UnaliWear’s marks reads as follows:  

 _____________ is a trademark of UnaliWear, Inc.

In special situations, where all of the marks are only UnaliWear’s marks, many marks are used, and there is limited space for the attribution, you may use the following attribution line:   

All trademarks are the property of UnaliWear, Inc.

UnaliWear trademarks, servicemarks and approved nouns

The following are trademarks and service marks of UnaliWear. Every trademark or service mark is to be used as a proper adjective immediately followed by one of the suggested nouns listed under that mark.

  • Kanega™
    • LTE watch
    • watch
    • wearable
    • device
    • platform