Set-up Includes:
  • Customizing the Kanega Watch with your WiFi credentials, wrist size (S-XL) and, if you request, medication reminders
  • Creating your personalized monitoring center account – complete with your emergency/care contact list
  • Free standard shipping of your watch
  • White glove on boarding phone call with our Customer Success team upon receiving your watch, to ensure your watch is functioning properly and answer any questions.
Ongoing Service Includes:
  • 24/7 access to emergency response agents via your watch (see below for more details)
  • Auto Fall Detection
  • Nationwide Verizon cellular service for your watch (emergency monitoring contact only)
  • Free rechargeable battery replacements (based upon normal wear and tear)
  • Price Lock Guarantee – your monthly monitoring/service rate will never go up as long as you have the watch

The Kanega Medical Alert Watch with Fall Detection


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The Kanega Watch is the only medical alert smartwatch with fall detection + you never have to remove it to charge—for real 24/7 protection.
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The Kanega Watch Offers Unmatched 24/7 Peace of Mind

  • The only medical alert watch you can wear round-the-clock.
    • Patented “quick-swap” rechargeable battery system ensures you never have to remove your Kanega Watch to charge.
  • Connects to a live agent 3-ways: Fall Detection, Button Push, and Voice Activation—providing the most ways for you to get help when you need it.
  • RealFall™ Fall Detection (included at no extra cost) – identifies and activates on actual falls while greatly limiting false alarms.
  • Simple at every stage:
    • Works out of the box—all set up is done prior to shipping.
    • Works independently – no need to pair with a cell phone, base station, pendant or any other device.
    • Goes where you go, inside (including the shower) and outside the home with GPS.
    • Automatically switches from WiFi (home) to cellular (outside), for reliable connectivity everywhere.
      • Your Kanega Watch comes included with nationwide Verizon cellular coverage at no additional cost.
    • Everything is included in our plans—all equipment, services, taxes and shipping
  • Top rated by major review sites (NYTimes/Wirecutter, National Council on Aging,, etc.): “Best Medical Alert Watch/Device” and “Best Fall Detection”

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens in an emergency—say I fall or my loved one falls? Where does the alert go? 911?
    1. With the Kanega Watch, you have 3 ways to get help in an emergency–button, voice and fall detection. All these alerts go to our US-based 24/7 monitoring center. The agent who receives that alert will try and speak to the wearer through the watch. The agent will say “Hi, this is X from UnaliWear, do you need help?”
    2. If the wearer is responsive, the wearer can speak to the agent and direct whatever care is needed; from “call my neighbor to help me off the floor” to “call EMS, Police or Fire” or even “call my daughter and have her come over to get the blankets from the top of the closet” (this really happened). The agent does what the wearer asks.
    3. If the wearer is not responsive, the agent will call the wearer’s phone number and, if there is no response, immediately call the first listed emergency contact (as listed in the wearer’s profile) – we recommend that is someone who lives nearby. The agent will say “Hi this is X from UnaliWear. We just received an alert from (wearer) and (wearer) is not responding. Are you able to check on (wearer)?” Note: It’s not infrequent where the emergency contact is in the same house as the wearer and didn’t know the wearer had fallen in the garage.
      1. If the answer is no or if no emergency contacts answer the call, the agent will dispatch local emergency services to the wearer’s location. The agent has the same access to EMS as 911 does, so it is not an extra call to 911, so it saves a step. In addition, the agent can also provide EMS with the wearer’s medical info—such as medicine allergies, health conditions, etc.; and, if the wearer is home, can even provide spare key location or lock box info, so EMS does not have to break down the door. This ensures the EMS response can be faster and more informed than a generic 911 dispatch.
    4. If EMS is dispatched, the agent will inform all the emergency contacts via phone of what has taken place. Note that our monitoring center agents call from the same phone number, so the wearer and all emergency contacts can add this number to their phone contact list, so they know it is not spam.
  • The watch looks a bit big in the pictures, is that true in real life?
    • It is not a dainty watch, for sure. The actual watch face is about the size of an Apple Watch. The size difference really comes from the watch band, which is about an inch across, to accommodate the rechargeable batteries. Note it is not a heavy watch—it weighs about the same as two slices of bread. Our wearers prefer a slightly thicker band to a neck pendant or other options that must be taken off regularly to charge (which then may not be put back on).
    • In addition, once you order, we will collect the wearer’s specific wrist size measurements, to attach the correct sized back band of the watch to match the wearer (the back band comes in S, M, L and XL and can fit wrists as small as 5 inches in circumference). The watch band can be further adjusted for the person’s wrist once received, so that it fits perfectly.
  • How often do you have to change the batteries?
    Every 24-36 hours. We recommend our wearers make a daily habit of changing their batteries, like they do with brushing their teeth.
  • Is it easy to charge the rechargeable batteries?
    Very easy. It is quick and simple to swap the batteries in the watch band for the batteries in the charger. The batteries are about 1 inch square, so they are designed for people with limited dexterity. While we have many wearers in their 60s and 70s (and even younger), our oldest wearer is currently 103, and she has been changing her batteries regularly for years with no issues.
  • Do the pricing plans include the watch, charger and rechargeable batteries?
    Yes. Both plans are all-inclusive. You don't actually buy the watch or other equipment. You buy the service, and all equipment comes with the service. The service is all-inclusive—24/7 access to live agents through your watch, Verizon cell data plan on the watch, fall detection, a price-lock guarantee, medication reminders and other key features. You also do not sign a contract, so you are not locked in. Whenever you want to stop the service, simply return the equipment back to us in good working condition and we will stop your service and issue whatever prorated refund you are owed (Annual Plans get a prorated refund on all full months of unused service based on when the equipment is returned back to our facility).
  • Do I need to be a Verizon customer to get the Kanega Watch?
    No. The Verizon cellular data plan on the watch is part of the watch service and not tied to your cell phone account or makes you a direct customer of Verizon.
  • How do the pricing plan options work?
    Both our Annual and Monthly Plans come with a one-time set-up fee and an ongoing monthly service fee. The Annual Plan is discounted because you are choosing to pay upfront every year you keep the watch and service. So, for The Annual Plan, the all-in cost for the first year is $918 ($199 set-up + $59.95/month for 12 months upfront). For the Monthly Plan, you pay a non-discounted rate for the set-up fee of $299 and a non-discounted rate for the monthly service of $69.95. Thus, the upfront payment for the Monthly Plan is $368 (299+$69.95) and then $69.95 for every month afterwards that you keep the watch and service. As a reminder, both plans come with a price-lock guarantee, meaning your rate will never go up as long as you keep the watch and service active.
  • Isn’t the Kanega Watch more expensive than other medical alert systems?
    • While our offering can be a bit more expensive than other all-in-one medical alert wearables, those offerings rely on older pendant-based technology that can be very clunky and stigmatizing to wear around your neck (or can be worn on the wrist but doesn’t include fall detection). Note also that traditional medical alert devices are only worn about 30% of the time; and rarely at night when people can be most vulnerable. Alternatively, close to 90% of Kanega Watch wearers wear it round the clock. Thus, our wearers are getting much more protection and value from their Kanega Watch than the medical alert alternatives. We also provide discounts to AARP members, members of retired military families, as well as for couples wishing to both get Kanega Watches. Please ask us about those opportunities if you would like to learn more.
    • In addition, the Kanega Watch is the only device on the market with RealFall™fall detection technology. Based on real falls by real people (other fall detection technology is actually based on fake or predictive falls) and gets smarter over time.
    • Finally, when you are comparing prices of all-in-one medical alert devices, make sure you are doing an apples-to-apples comparison. Pricing plans for the Kanega Watch are all inclusive. Other companies charge more for fall detection (if they even offer it), a cellular data plan, a price lock guarantee, tax, shipping, etc.
  • What if I don’t like the Kanega Watch when I get it?
    • Both plans come with a 30-day full money back guarantee, starting from the date of shipment to the date of return. Simply return the equipment back to us in good condition and we’ll refund your entire purchase price (note that if you choose to pay for faster shipping to receive your watch kit vs. our standard free FedEx Ground, that is not refundable).
    • In addition, while the watch works out-of-the-box with no set up required on your part, we have a personal on-boarding call with each new wearer to answer any questions and make whatever adjustments to the watch the wearer would like (such as increasing or decreasing the sensitivity of the fall detection and voice activation alerts) to ensure the watch fits each wearer’s particular needs and lifestyle.
  • What if I want to return the watch after the first 30 days?
    Returning the equipment in good working order stops your service and, for Monthly Plans, you will no longer be charged an ongoing monthly service fee. For Annual Plans, you will receive a prorated refund on all your full months of unused service that you paid upfront for but did not use.

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The Kanega Watch starts working out of the box.

What’s included:

  • Your Kanega Watch in your selected accent color
  • Comfort-mesh stainless steel adjustable wrist band
  • Battery charger
  • 4 rechargeable lithium ion batteries
    • 2 easily snap into the watch band and 2 can be charged off the band for simple daily swapping – so you are always protected

Critical response & support services:

  • Your watch automatically defaults to your home Wi-Fi network while seamlessly switching to nationwide Verizon cellular coverage whenever necessary.
  • 24/7/365 connection to Trained Care Specialists within a US-based TMA 5- Diamond and UL Certified monitoring center
  • Automatic fall detection
  • Pinpoint location detection

How Does the Kanega Watch Work?

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