UnaliWear Customer Success Team

For non-emergency questions, contact +1-888-343-1513, ext. 1, or community@unaliwear.com.

If you have a medical emergency, call the medical alarm operator through your Kanega Watch. The operator is available for you 24 hours a day.

Portrait of a Happy Wearer

  • Ability to hear and understand the watch audio similar to a phone call with a male voice over speakerphone
  • Cognitively capable of remembering how to interact with the watch to call for help (simple voice commands or crown button presses) and to change the batteries daily
  • Minimal finger strength – to successfully change the batteries

Download educational materials:

Quick start

User Guide

Big Print User Guide

How-to Videos

Getting started with the Kanega Watch the first time

Learn how to start with your Kanega Watch by watching this short onboarding video.

Changing batteries on your Kanega watch band

Learn how to change your batteries in your watch band by watching this short video.

Using your Kanega Watch battery charger

Learn how to use the battery charger by watching this short video.

UnaliWear Kanega Watchband installation

Learn how to install a new watchband on your Kanega Watch by watching this short onboarding video.

How to Adjust the Kanega Watch Buckle Band

Learn how to adjust your Kanega Watch buckle band with this short video.

Navigating the Kanega Watch User Menu

his video will show you how to access and navigate the user menu on your Kanega Watch.