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As chief innovation officer for AARP, the advocacy group for older adults, Terry Bradwell feels duty bound to try all the high- tech stuff marketed to seniors these days. So, at 54, he’s an enthusiastic early adopter of the smart home. His Florida home is outfitted...

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Aging In Place Technology Watch

Described as a “Wearable OnStar for Seniors,” their Kanega smart watch performs the usual functions of a timepiece —including a face that shows time, date and reminders in text large enough to read without glasses, with voice recognition that responds to a name the owner gives it, enabling voice-initiated requests for GPS directions.”

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Austin MedTech Showcased at SXSW

Booth successfully raised $800,000 from angel investors and she has exceeded her $100,000 goal on a Kickstarter campaign with six days left to go. So far, she has raised $104,000. She plans to deliver the Kickstarter devices early next year and have her watch on the consumer market by next summer. The watches cost $299 for an activation fee and $35 to $80 a month for monitoring services.

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Come see UnaliWear’s CEO, Jean Anne Booth, as she appears in the sessions “Venture Funding Hits a  Lull, Now What?” and Women’s Health Panel SXSW on “Women Revolutionizing Digital Health.”

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