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Senior Wearables: The Kanega Watch

Senior Wearables: The Kanega Watch:  Wearable technology is one of the biggest consumer trends of the past few years and one that seniors, in particular, can really stand to benefit from.    Wearables are, quite simply, technology you can wear. Some of the better...

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Start-Ups We Championed, Where Are They Now?

“We’ve just begun to show how our human-centered technology can extend independence with dignity for millions of vulnerable people. I am looking forward to the day that our predictive intelligence ends the need for “missing elderly” alerts on the SilverAlert/AmberAlert signs!” – Jean Anne Booth, CEO and founder of UnaliWear.

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UnaliWear Watch and Service Keep Seniors Independent

Senior citizens may need a little help now and then, but they still tend to care about their dignity. UnaliWear is helping preserve that dignity with a new watch and related service that offers seniors the ability to call for help if needed, get reminders about when they need to take medicine, and guard against wandering if such behavior is a concern.

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Come see UnaliWear’s CEO, Jean Anne Booth, as she appears in the sessions “Venture Funding Hits a  Lull, Now What?” and Women’s Health Panel SXSW on “Women Revolutionizing Digital Health.”

Contact us at info@unaliwear.com if you’ll be at SXSW and would like to get together.