CNBC - smart bracelet to compete with Fitbit

CNBC Mention of Jean Anne and UnaliWear in 94-year-old fashion icon’s smart bracelet to compete with Fitbit

Recently, CNBC mentioned Jean Anne and UnaliWear in a recent article featuring Iris Apefel.

Jean Anne Booth, CEO of UnaliWear, is also out to shake up wearables. A serial entrepreneur, Booth was drawn to wearables when her elderly mother didn’t want to wear an alert button. So Booth got the idea to create a wearable watch that’s voice activated and doesn’t need a smartphone. The wearable, expected to be on the market this summer, also sends distress signals, location assistance and other alerts. She calls it OnStar for seniors.

“I wanted my mother to live independently,” Booth said. “Why give control to someone else?”

The over-65 market is growing, explained Shailendra Mahajan, managing director of Maxim Ventures in San Jose, California. “People in that age group will be monitoring vital signs,” said Mahajan, who invested $1 million in UnaliWear. “They want a good quality of life.”


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