Innovation Award for Kanega Watch by UnaliWear

Thank you, Seton! Innovation Winner at the The Future of Care: Healthcare Innovation Awards

We want to say thank you to Seton for today’s Innovation Award at Healthcare Family’s “The Future of Care: Healthcare Innovation Awards”

Innovation Award for Kanega Watch by UnaliWear

Winners were selected from among 10 companies named finalists for Seton Healthcare Family’s The Future of Care: Healthcare Innovation Awards. A field of 85 applicants responded to Seton’s call for entries and submitted their solutions toward solving one of health care’s most difficult challenges: communication.

Recently, Seton, The University of Texas and Central Health established a nonprofit to develop the eastern part of downtown Austin as an innovation district connecting their health care practice and research with established businesses and enterprising start-ups. The goal is to spur innovation in health care and other sectors.

“Seton is at the heart of solving real human problems in health care. As the largest caregiver in Austin’s future Innovation Zone, Seton will be where collaborators physically come together to explore how to care for people in the best manner possible,” Kristi Henderson, Seton vice president of Virtual Care and Innovation, said. “But in order to succeed at the highest level, the partnership must engage with entrepreneurs to rethink health care and imagine a different – and far better – future.”

The winners were:

  • Kanega, a stylish watch designed by UnaliWear. This is the first all-in-one, voice-controlled device designed to keep people safe, while living independently. It provides fall detection, emergency help, “guide me home” assistance, voice-activated directions and medication reminders.
  • Patient IO was honored as well and is an Austin company working to improve how people manage their personal health through mobile technology, received the Seton Innovation of the Year Award for its trailblazing health application.
  • Rallyhood, a community collaboration platform which organizes social support around patients during any health care journey.
  • VSee’s Cloud Clinic, a secure way for providers to see patients online, offering a complete online medical office for telemedicine video visits. It includes self-scheduling, visit notes, and ePay. VSee is the only video chat on the International Space Station – it’s how astronauts see their doctors.



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