UnaliWear Finalist in Seaton Health Care Awards

Austin health care innovators to be honored with awards

Ten Central Texas companies are in the running for an award honoring the businesses trying to creatively solve the most pressing issues in the health care industry.

The three winners in Seton Healthcare Family’s “The Future of Care: Healthcare Innovation Awards” will be announced April 27 at a luncheon at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Austin. One business will also be crowned the overall Innovator of the Year. Prizes include mentorships and work sessions with clinical teams, innovation leaders and subject matter experts.

More than 80 companies applied. The finalists were chosen by a panel of judges including physicians, entrepreneurs, academics and investors.

The 10 finalists are:

• Afoundria, developer of Chartpath, a comprehensive clinical charting and billing tool;

• Aunt Bertha, an online database of free and reduced-cost social programs that health care providers can use to provide food, housing, transportation and other resources to patients in need;

• Decisio Health, developer of Patient Dashboard, which provides bedside clinical decision support for care teams;

• ePatientFinder, which connects physicians to information about medical research trials and helps them determine whether patients qualify;

• Humm, developer of a real-time patient feedback platform;

• Patient IO, which develops a product to coordinate patient care by interacting with electronic health records and population health management systems;

• Rallyhood, an online tool for coordinating and communicating emotional, practical and financial support for patients;

• Sotera Wireless, developer of the Visi Mobile system for continuously monitoring and reporting patient vital signs;

• UnaliWear, which develops a waterproof, voice-controlled smart watch that monitors vulnerable populations such as seniors or those with physical limitations;

• VSee, developer of Cloud Clinic, a comprehensive patient scheduling, ePay, queueing and notational system.

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