AARP Health Innovation@50+ LivePitch Announces Ten Finalists for Pitch Event April 27

AARP Health Innovation@50+ LivePitch Announces Ten Finalists for Pitch Event April 27

Health Tech Startups Focused on Caregiving To Pitch Industry Leader Judges and Consumer End Users Sharing Real-Time Feedback

Washington, DC (PRWEB) March 29, 2016

AARP is pleased to announce the ten finalist companies for its fifth Health Innovation@50+ LivePitch event which will be held Wednesday, April 27, at Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, CA. Ten startup health tech companies focused on caregiving were selected from over 200 applicants to pitch their businesses at this unique one day dual-pitch event. For more information and to register to attend at a price of only $299.00 for the full day, please visit http://www.prweb.net/Redirect.aspx?id=aHR0cDovL2hlYWx0aDUwLm9yZy8=.

“We were very impressed by this year’s applicants,” said Jody Holtzman, senior vice president, Enterprise Strategy and Innovation, AARP. “It is refreshing to know there are so many companies focused on technology solutions for people 50 and over, as well as their caregivers. With literally millions of Americans requiring assistance and millions of others providing unpaid care to these folks, there is an immense need. Technology companies are rising up to deliver solutions to meet these needs and many of those companies will showcase their solutions on April 27th.”

According to AARP data in its recently issued Caregiving Innovation Frontiers (CIF) study, the caregiving market is expected to reach $72 billion by 2020, with $62 billion of that coming from caregiver’s out of pocket spending. Right now, 40 million Americans are providing unpaid care of aging, disabled, or other people in need of assistance. By 2020, 117 million Americans will need assistance of some kind, yet the overall number of caregivers is only expected to reach 45 million. More is here: http://www.prweb.net/Redirect.aspx?id=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5hYXJwLm9yZy9jaWY=

AARP’s Health Innovation@50+ LivePitch is a one day pitch competition for emerging startups in the healthy living space with a focus on caregiving. The event will begin with speaking sessions on caregiving, and then a keynote with Nancy LeaMond, chief advocacy and engagement officer, AARP. In the afternoon, ten companies will present their business focus on stage before a panel of industry leader judges and an audience filled with actual intended end users of these solutions. Representing the 50+ population, these potential consumers will share feedback in real-time on business viability, interest and value, providing the companies absolutely invaluable market data on the spot.

The 10 finalists selected to present at AARP Health Innovation@50+ include:

  •     Cake, Boston, MA, is the easiest way to do end-of-life planning. Cake breaks down a daunting and difficult task into simple, bite-size chunks, and provides experts who can answer questions. The online CAKE profile is a living document of end-of-life preferences that is easy to access, update, and share. @JoinCakeApp
  •     Medivizor, Ramat Gan, Israel, provides people with serious or chronic medical conditions, or their medical teams, all the cutting edge information they need know – personalized just for them. @medivizor
  •     Penrose Senior Care Auditors, Dallas, TX, provides the first and only tech/app-enabled senior care auditing solution to ensure seniors are okay while providing families peace-of-mind, creating the senior care auditing category. @penrosecheckin
  •     PicnicHealth, San Francisco, CA, helps patients and their families manage their medical records. PicnicHealth collects records on a patient’s behalf, maintains a single up-to-date medical chart, and coordinate between providers. @picnichealth
  •     Savor Health, New York, NY, is a technology-enabled provider of cost effective, personalized nutrition solutions for people with cancer whose nutritional issues cause poor clinical and quality of life outcomes. Through its smart, personalized recommendation engine and a network of distribution partners, Savor empowers cancer patients and their caregivers to take control of their nutritional needs. @savor_health
  •     SeniorHabitat, New York, NY, is the first centralized, tour booking and informational website that simplifies care transitions while decreasing time, costs and hospital readmission rates. SeniorHabitat facilitates healthcare decisions by helping seniors, caregivers and hospitals navigate the overwhelming process of senior care facility selection to improve care transitions. @seniorhabitat
  •     SensaRx, LLC, New York, NY, launched its SafeWander Button Sensor in November 2015, and is focused on patient safety and caregivers’ wellbeing in both assisted living facilities and the home. The company emanated from the Founder’s family struggles to care for his grandfather with Alzheimer’s disease. @safewander
  •     SingFit, Los Angeles, CA, combines a growing body of scientific research on the health benefits of prescribed singing with a proprietary music platform in order to mass distribute the benefits of music as medicine. Focused on dementia care and healthy aging, its debut product SingFit PRIME is the winner of the USC Keck School of Medicine Body Computing Prize. @MusicalHealthT
  •     CirrusLED, Portsmouth, NH provides an an innovative Digital sign installation solution with software, hardware, installation and maintenance all in a single package.
  •     UnaliWear, Austin, TX, has its Kanega Watch that allows discreet support for falls, medication reminders and a guard against wandering in a classically-styled watch with an easy-to-use speech interface rather than buttons. Kanega Watch works wherever you are, 24×7, and doesn’t require a smart phone (because it’s built in). UnaliWear’s artificial intelligence learns the wearer’s lifestyle to provide predictive, pre-emptive support. @UnaliWear
  •     Well Beyond Care, Austin, TX, is the only company that teaches families and individuals how to find and manage affordable non-medical in-home care, while solving the chronic problems of caregiver truancy and turnover, and at the same time offering a pathway to transitional care to help HHAs accomplish their Clinical Outcomes and Customer Service goals. @WellBeyondCare

The four alternates include:

  •     Care3, Los Angeles, CA, is a leading mobile health technology company focusing on creating groundbreaking applications that meet the needs of home and community-based caregivers. The Care3 care-sharing platform for patients, families, and their care teams makes it easy to coordinate care and assist with activities of daily living. @care3app
  •     Care Angel, Miami, FL, an award winning, patent-pending intelligent virtual caregiving assistant technology that delivers high quality senior care, provides peace of mind for family caregivers and cost-savings for the health care industry, especially for payers and providers. @MyCareAngel
  •     SafeBeyond, Tel Aviv, Israel, is an innovative online and mobile app platform for the management and future delivery of personalized messages and digital assets. The service allows users to create and store video, audio and text messages for loved ones, and decide when and where those messages will be shared with them. @Safe_Beyond
  •     teleCalm, Dallas, TX, developed the first home phone service for the 5.3 million seniors living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. The teleCalm phone service instantly protects seniors from ALL scammers and telemarketers, with easy setup and remote monitoring via the caregiver’s smartphone. @teleCalm

Previous AARP Health Innovation@50+ LivePitch events have been held in Boston, Las Vegas and New Orleans, with last year’s event in Miami showcasing technology innovation across Florida.

Press are invited to attend the 5th AARP Health Innovation@50+ LivePitch event gratis and may register by contacting Laura Beck, laurabeck(at)adeointeractive(dot)com. Representatives from AARP and past winners and finalists, as well as judges, are also available for interviews.

Please mark your calendar now to join us Wednesday April 27, 2016, at Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, CA to see the most exciting startup companies in the “50 and over” health technology sector. Register to attend the event at http://www.prweb.net/Redirect.aspx?id=aHR0cDovL2hlYWx0aDUwLm9yZy8=.

The AARP Health Innovation @50+ LivePitch event is produced with support by Adeo InterActive.

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