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Smithsonian: A Bus Stop Climbing Wall and Other Wild Ideas That Just Got Funded Unbreakable shoelaces? They come in stylish colors and patterns

Thank you Smithsonian for mentioning our UnaliWear Kanega Watch Kickstarter Campaign and read more about UnaliWear Kanega Watch Kickstarter Campaign here:  UnaliWear Kanega Watches for Seniors: Wearable OnStar (Goal: $100,000 Raised: $110,154 on Kickstarter)

UnaliWear watches are for senior citizens who would like extra support in case of emergencies, but scorn the stigma of “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” medical alarms. Activated through voice control, the watches respond when a wearer has a question or emergency—contacting LifeAssist, offering reminders on medication and providing directions home. While not exactly fashionable, the accessory is getting sleeker with each model. Jean Anne Booth, an Austin entrepreneur who sold her previous two ventures to Apple and Texas Instruments, developed the product to help take care of her aging mother and aunt.

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UnaliWear Kanega Watch Kickstarter Campaign Mentioned on Smithsonian